The Last Frontier Pond Hockey Classic is in full swing on Big Lake this weekend. More than 110 teams will hit the ice on 13 rinks over three days.

“Regular hockey, it's better ice, but pond hockey is funner because it’s outdoors in wild Alaska,” said 10-year-old Torin Altenburg, the team captain for the Moose.

This is the third year the event’s been held at Big Lake, after starting at Goose Lake in Anchorage in 2013.

Kids' teams took the ice on Friday, playing four-on-four.


The money raised goes to the Scotty Gomez Foundation. Alaskan Scotty Gomez is a former NHL player and current assistant coach for the New York Islanders.

His father, Carlos Gomez, started the foundation to help families pay for the expensive sport.

“It’s very important because, the bottom line, hockey is, the costs are getting out of hand," Gomez said at the event on Friday. "Some people can’t afford it, and that’s our role in the community is to make it affordable for kids to be introduced to hockey. It’s a fantastic sport."

Gomez said the event brings in more than $30,000.

Adults play on Saturday and Sunday at the Burkeshore Marina.

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