Alaska's sole U.S. representative in Congress broke an old record Wednesday and began setting a new one. Rep. Don Young is now the longest-serving Republican in Congress.

As of March 6, 2019, Young has now served 46 years and one day. That overtakes Joseph Cannon, a Republican who served in the early 1900s for the state of Illinois. In his tenure Young has served with nine presidents and more than 2,000 fellow members of Congress.

In a special video to commemorate his video released on his Facebook page Young answers several questions about his time in Congress. When asked about his favorite memory he spoke about the day he was sworn in "which seems like yesterday," but went on to talk about the opportunity to help people. Admitting he can't solve every problem, Young says when he can help Alaskans, those are the bright spots of the job.

When asked, Young didn't have an answer for people he didn't enjoy working with. He took the opportunity to speak of his willingness to work with any other member during his time in Congress. He mentioned the recently deceased Rep. John Dingell, who served longer than any other member of Congress, over 59 years. He says the two worked well together because they also hunted together.

Young is no longer a party chairman, but in February was named the most effective lawmaker by The Center for Effective Lawmaking.

"When you know what your job is, and you have the knowledge to do it, you get things done," Young said. "And that's really what this means. It's a lot of congratulations from my fellow colleagues, and I couldn't think of anything better."

Sen. Lisa Murkowski congratulated Young on his milestone Thursday, thanking him for his continued service to the state.

"Don has clearly made his mark in the House," Murkowski said. "When you think about the legislative accomplishments for Alaska – there is nothing that Don Young didn’t lead on in the House, whether it’s on issues such as ANWR, King Cove, and the trans-Alaska pipeline, or so much else.”

You can see the entire video commemorating his record-breaking tenure on his Facebook page, and embedded below.

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