Anchorage's East High School is among the most diverse schools in the nation, and this week a special guest is hoping students listen closely to his musical message.

Rodney Page is a classically trained violinist who engages students by performing all sorts of genres of music.

He wants students to know that everyone has talents, regardless of their socioeconomic or cultural background, and urges them not to judge others based on appearances.

“I just talk to them and hopefully inspire them to stay with their music, not necessarily as a music major, but to use music in their lives to positively affect other people,” Page said. “I think even being a man of color, and being in a medium that's not predominantly African-American, shows them that someone shouldn't judge another person by the way they look, that we've all been blessed with talents that we can use to our advantage.”

The school orchestra teacher, Janeen Wilkins, used her own resources to get the musician to Alaska.

The goal is to show students how music can uplift people, engage them, and inspire creativity.

“He's like an inspiration to me because he does different genres and he's outside the box, which I’m trying to do too, and it's really cool to have him,” said freshman cellist Jerodhy Puletapuai.

On Thursday night at the school’s orchestra and band will perform an Afro-Cuban jazz piece composed by Page. He'll conduct and even play alongside the students. The concert, which is open to the public, starts at 7 p.m. in the school auditorium.

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