The first of three storms set to impact the Iditarod Trail this week has made it to the Interior. Clouds are quickly racing east as mushers are racing west. 

Musher Joar Leifseth Ulsom was the first to arrive in Takotna Tuesday evening, where the snow was falling and temperatures were in the low 20s. Just 23 miles to the west a winter weather advisory is in effect near Ophir for additional snow likely through Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, the end of the trail continues to be buried in deep snow. Nome set another record for snow Monday when nearly 4 inches fell, bringing their season total to 92 inches which is more than 30 inches above average.

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McGrath Checkpoint: 
Light snow starting falling in McGrath Tuesday afternoon and will continue through the night. The area will likely see 1-2 inches of snow with this storm. Temperatures will fall to the low 20s overnight with highs just above freezing Wednesday. Freezing fog and poor visibility will be a concern heading into Wednesday for this section of the trail. 

Ophir and Takotna Checkpoints: 
Further west, Takotna has been seeing light snow since early Tuesday morning and 1-2 inches of snow is likely overnight with an additional inch Wednesday on a stretch of trail that is known for being hilly. Winds will stay calm near Takotna allowing temperatures to fall to the teens overnight. High temperatures Wednesday will reach the low 30s. 


Iditarod Checkpoint: 
Iditarod marks the halfway point for the trail, but only the beginning of what will likely be active weather for the remainder of the race. Unfortunately, this far south temperatures will warm above freezing Wednesday and showers moving in from the southwest will likely fall as a snow/rain mix during the afternoon. This will continue to be true all the way to Anvik. 

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