Jury members were presented with more crime scene evidence Tuesday as prosecutors continue to present their case in the Thomas Skeek murder trial.

Skeek, 37, is accused of killing his wife Linda early on New Year's Day in 2016. Linda Skeek's body has never been found, but crime scene investigators said they found plenty of blood in the couple's Anchorage apartment.

Thomas Skeek listens at his murder trial

On Tuesday, Michelle Collins, a forensic scientist with the state crime lab, said she had analyzed samples of what turned out to be blood collected in areas of the Skeeks' home. Collins said she was presented with four samples that tested positive for blood and chose three to run a full DNA profile on. The samples came from a baseboard on the vanity in the bathroom, a step leading down to the crawlspace and a piece of molding near the floor.

Collins said all of the samples tested positive for Linda Skeek's DNA.

Fred Meyer receipt shows cleaning products purchased on the day prosecutors say Linda Skeek was murdered

But another test performed by Collins had a very different outcome. Collins tested samples from the couple's car, a Lincoln Navigator. She said she didn't run a full DNA profile on three of the four samples because a preliminary test showed they had no female DNA. A full profile run on the fourth sample showed it came from a mix of different individuals, none of which matched the DNA profile for either Linda or her husband.

The Skeek's car showed no signs of Linda's DNA when tested

Prosecutors planned to continue presenting their case through the week. The defense will likely present its case next week. They're expected to elaborate on a claim that Linda Skeek left her apartment alive that night after a fight and walked off into the night.

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