The Municipality of Anchorage has released a Climate Action Plan, laying out a vision for 2050, and now officials are asking for public comment on it.

The 89-page draft establishes seven sectors for serious change: Buildings/Energy, Land Use/Transportation, Consumption/Solid Waste, Health/Emergency Preparedness, Food Systems, Urban Forest/Watersheds, and Outreach/Education.

It lays out examples of climate change that have already affected Alaskans and expectations of how the phenomenon could continue to impact the municipality in the future.

Municipality officials think upgrades can save the local government $3 million a year in energy costs alone. For their part, Anchorage homeowners could save just under $34 million a year with the right energy-efficiency measures.

The municipality worked with the University of Alaska to make the plan starting in September. Nearly 100 technical advisers worked on it, including university faculty, students, scientists and others. Input was also gathered from more than 900 Alaskans as the plan was being crafted.

"It's an Alaskan value to be good stewards of the place we live, which is why it's imperative that we step up locally to mitigate the effects of climate change in our community," said Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. "Our actions will reduce energy use, improve public health, promote energy independence, strengthen our economy and build a more livable and resilient community."

Now Anchorage is looking for feedback. You can read the plan in full, as well as find a feedback form by visiting the plan's website.

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