Jurors saw a series of images Monday from the home of a woman whose body has never been found, as the prosecution continued presenting its case in her husband's murder trial.

Thomas Skeek, 37, is accused of killing 32-year-old Linda Skeek in the early hours of New Year's Day in 2016.

According to an arrest warrant, APD detectives found presumptive blood evidence in the Skeek family's home on Morningside Loop in January of 2016. (KTVA File)

Jurors saw pictures of the apartment the couple shared with their two children where the prosecution says Linda Skeek was killed. The defense says Linda Skeek walked out of the apartment very much alive, after the couple argued early that morning.

None of her friends or family have heard from her since, and her body has never been found.

Thomas Skeek is accused of murdering his wife Linda

APD crime scene investigator Sgt. Mark Bakken showed jurors evidence of what appeared to be spattered blood throughout the house. There were also pictures of blood that looked like it had been cleaned up, but was still visible using modern crime scene techniques.

Sgt. Mark Bakken testifies about evidence found at the Skeek residence

Investigators found cleaning supplies, including gloves in the crawlspace near other evidence of blood and a small clump of long, dark hair. In the dryer, police found clothing that looked as if it had been washed with too much bleach.

Gloves and hair found in the crawlspace

Bakken noted something else that prosecutor James Fayette said seemed odd: a calendar with a notation on Jan. 1 that read, "2:30 a.m. Linda walked off."

Linda's disappearance noted on calendar

It's what Thomas Skeek insists happened to his wife. But Linda's mother, Laura Sheldon, testified that Thomas told her something she found just as troubling.

"He said, 'They'll never find her,'" Sheldon said. "Those were his exact words he said to me."

Skeek's counsel, Emily Cooper, pointed out that Sheldon told investigators early on she did not consider Skeek a suspect in her daughter's disappearance. But Sheldon said she became suspicious when Skeek didn't seem to be putting much effort into looking for her.

Prosecution witnesses will continue on the stand Tuesday. The defense is expected to present its case later this week or early next week.

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