An officer with the Juneau Police Department was struck by a vehicle and dragged several feet while trying to arrest a man with a felony warrant over the weekend.

An off-duty JPD officer first noticed 28-year-old Albert Martin Mazon driving in the area of Vintage Boulevard around 4:18 p.m. on Saturday, a release from the department said. The off-duty officer notified dispatchers and followed Mazon as he continued driving.

An on-duty JPD officer responded and confronted Mazon in a parking lot in the 8100 block of Glacier Highway. According to the release, Mazon was sitting in the driver's seat when the on-duty officer told him he had a warrant for his arrest.

The officer asked Mazon to step out of the vehicle, but when Mazon didn't comply with his request, he opened the vehicle door to get Mazon to exit. That's when police say Mazon put the vehicle in reverse and quickly backed up.

"The officer was struck by the vehicle and dragged several feet as they hung onto Mazon," the release stated. "The vehicle went over a curb, and stopped momentarily, allowing the trapped officer to disengage and free themselves. The vehicle then changed directions and accelerated forward. The vehicle drove a short distance, lost control, and crashed in a snow bank."

Police say Mazon attempted to run away, but the on-duty officer used a taser to "gain control of him." Mazon was arrested with the assistance of the off-duty officer.

"The extent of the injuries to the on-duty officer are still unknown, but they are not believed to be serious at this time," the release stated. "The officer was taken to the hospital and released later that same night. The off-duty officer sustained a minor injury to their hand while assisting with the arrest."

Mazon had a felony warrant for his arrest due to a parole violation, which police say was related to criminal charges of second-degree burglary and escape. In addition to the warrant, Mazon was charged with first-degree assault, fail to stop at the direction of a peace officer and fourth-degree assault.

Police say Mazon was taken to jail and is being held without bail.

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