Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan joined the majority of senators and cast their votes to confirm Andrew Wheeler, President Trump’s newest pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The final vote to confirm was 52-47.

Wheeler had been acting administrator since his predecessor, Scott Pruitt, resigned last year.

Murkowski chairs the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, which controls the EPA’s funding.

In a statement Thursday, she said she will hold Wheeler to his commitment to ensure accountability, fairness and transparency within the EPA.

“Andrew Wheeler has proven himself during his tenure as Acting EPA Administrator as a leader who hears and takes seriously the concerns of Alaskans, and I believe he will continue to carry out the EPA’s mission to ensure that we have clean air, clean water, as well as addressing significant challenges like climate change,” she wrote. “Alaskans have voiced loudly their objections to overreaching, burdensome regulations that they have seen come out of the EPA in the previous administration. It’s important that the agency remains focused on its core mission.”

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