How many moose are there in Anchorage? It's a question biologists are trying to answer in their annual moose count taking place through the weekend.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist Dave Battle said the information can be critical for helping to manage the population.

"Things like number of vehicle accidents, number of hunting permits we need to give out. There's a lot of different management decisions we can make based on the number of moose we have," Battle said.

This is the second year of the citywide count. In 2018, 143 individual moose were documented.

Battle said there are certainly more in the Anchorage Bowl, but the department needs the public's help to find them.

"All the people who are coming and going to or from work or running errands, if those people are calling us, we get worlds more moose," he said. "And it really makes this project go well."

Battle said people can call 267-2530, text 782-5051 or go to Fish and Game's website to report a moose. A team of biologists will track the animal down and use a dart gun to take a small tissue sample which can determine if the moose has already been counted.

The citywide count will run through Sunday evening. Battle said people should report moose wherever they see them and biologists will respond as quickly as possible.

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