Marco Christian is a sixth grade teacher at Spring Hill Elementary School who didn't see himself being a full-time educator until he first tried substitute teaching. That's when he discovered he could make a difference in the lives of young people.

It was about three years into substitute teaching that Christian decided to teach full-time. He realized he was making an impression on his students when they would recognize him at the grocery store and he figured that if he could make that kind of impression after just teaching for a short while, he could do even more as a full-time teacher. 

These days, he works to organize creative lessons for his students.

“He makes learning very fun," says one of his students. "I’m actually excited to go to school." 

Christian creates fun ways to make sure his kids understand the lessons. After reading from a textbook, students create questions and break into teams. Christian then quizzes them in a mock game show. He says he's looking for ways to get students working together.

"Make fun out of it and make a game out of it," he says. "To get their minds into learning.”

These lessons aims to help students better understand what they’re reading while also teaching how to work and communicate in a group. Games like this also help create a positive energy in Christian’s class.

“He’s the best teacher ever,” said another student.

Christian says he wants to prepare his sixth graders for middle school and beyond, emphasizing that he will always be available for support, even after they move on to higher grades. He says they can always come to him with questions, even when he's not their teacher anymore.

"My philosophy is building that relationship with the kids," Christian says. "You have to have that core structure. You have to have that trust."

Christian also has high expectations for his students as he looks to facilitate a smooth transition from elementary school to junior high.

As Christian prepares kids for the next level of their education, he’s also preparing them for life, focusing on respect for each other and themselves.

“This goes far beyond their educational career, but preparing them for how to be a citizen, how to be a good role model in the community, how to be a good role model for their peers and help each other out." Christian explains. "That’s what I think life is all about.”

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