It was one of those moments in the newsroom — we felt something, then everyone looked around as the ground started shaking.

At 8:02 a.m. a magnitude 4.4 aftershock hit 12 miles northwest of Elmendorf AFB, just 9 miles south of Big Lake. The quake was rather shallow, just 25 miles deep, making it feel a bit stronger for some. 

Keep in mind, aftershocks like this are normal and do not mean another large earthquake will happen.

Since the Nov. 30 earthquake, we have experienced more than 8,000 aftershocks in Southcentral. Most of those were too small to feel. Of those 8,000, more than 40 were magnitude 4.0 or higher and more than 350 were magnitude 3.0 or higher. 

The latest aftershock forecast estimates we will still experience magnitude 3.0 or larger aftershocks through September. Those are the one strong enough to feel the ground shake. 

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