On Friday the Anchorage School District released updated figures showing a slight reduction in its projected losses under Gov. Mike Dunleavy's budget, which was released on Wednesday. 

"Early ballpark figures showed us having to account for 110 million dollars," said Jim Anderson, the district's chief financial officer. "I don't think the numbers will be that high, but they will still be substantial."

The updated numbers show ASD's budget would be cut by 18.74 percent. That figure equates to roughly $105.5 million, about $5 million less than initially projected.

The district still faces a separate $41.1 million hit from Dunleavy's budget, which also proposes the elimination of state bond reimbursements.

"There's always a price for what we do," said ASD Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop. "There is a cost and we have to look at them individually. Look at the priorities and the needs and take the feedback from our community if there is only so many funds. This will be a public process."

While the proposed budget is just that and is in no way near final, ASD is taking every precaution early to head of such a massive overhaul. 

"We'll be checking this as it goes through the legislative process," Anderson said. "As amendments tack on we will better refine what it is we actually would do. At this point it's a little overwhelming when you're looking at a 20 percent cut overnight."

The proposed budget with start the next school year, this coming August.

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