The U.S. Coast Guard helped a civilian crew rescue all five people from a fishing vessel that sank Friday off Dutch Harbor.

According to a Coast Guard release, a distress signal from the Pacific 1 about 40 miles south-southwest of Dutch Harbor was received by a good Samaritan vessel, the Kona Kai. After alerting the Coast Guard, the Kona Kai responded to assist.

Two Coast Guard helicopters were launched from Cold Bay and Dutch Harbor to search for the Pacific 1, which "was reported to be taking on water and listing heavily" before its crew boarded an inflatable life raft.

One of the helicopter crews was able to find the last known location of the Pacific 1, but had a mechanical error and could not rescue them. It dropped a buoy to mark the location and headed back to base.

The Kona Kai then rescued all five people from the life raft and took them to Dutch Harbor, where they were reported to be in good condition.

Weather at the time of the rescue included 10 mph winds, 7 miles visibility and an air temperature of 45 degrees.

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