Home improvement chain Lowe's donated teacher supplies Thursday morning to Eagle River Elementary School teachers, who are teaching their students at three other schools after the Nov. 30 quake.

It's not often you open up the back of a box truck and find a Valentine's Day gift inside.

Today was different.

At Homestead Elementary School in Eagle River, Lowe's paid a visit. Eagle River Elementary staff also got a surprise. 

Through a parent connection, teachers who lost many of their supplies during the massive 7.0 quake got a few items they've needed to help fill their classrooms. 

"They just gave the teachers tons of gifts," said Eagle River Elementary principal Lisa Prince. "It's amazing."

First grade teacher Deni McCloud had hoped for a vacuum cleaner. She'd looked online hoping to find and request a less expensive model, but received more than she asked for.

"I open the box and it's a Dyson." she said. "So I'm completely blown away at their generosity and first grade, we can really use it because we spill a lot in here, so when someone extends this gratitude to us it's pretty overwhelming and appreciated."

Prince herself understands trying to keep everyone on an even keel. She's shuttling among three schools. But knowing the community is behind them makes all the difference.

"It's awesome and on Valentine's Day too. It could not have been a better day for Lowe's to be so kind and generous," she said. "We appreciate the whole community and what they done for us. We feel very supported."

Teachers are known to buy many of their own supplies, but on Thursday goods ranging from bookcases and storage bins to cleaning supplies came rolling through the door.

Editor's note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Ravenwood Elementary also received gifts from Lowe's.

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