The basketball community at Redington Junior/Senior High School is honoring the memory of a key member this month on the court.

As the Redington High Huskies get ready for their first game in the annual Rally Around the Valley JV Basketball Tournament, they warm up like they normally do, but with one difference: The Huskies wear T-shirts that honor one of their biggest fans.

Angela Coyne Reavis passed away last August from an aggressive form of brain cancer. The 53-year-old served as the school's JV coach at the time of her death.

Reavis wore Number 20 when she played at Palmer High School. It's a number now retired at Redington, where the tournament has been renamed in her honor.

Family and friends gathered for Thursday's ceremony, including Reavis' daughter Delaney.

"I think she would have loved it," she said. "She might have made a joke that it was a bit too much for just her, but, it wasn't. She was such an amazing person, and made such an impact on the community."

"She was always there for everybody on the team; she was just a great person," said Abbie Fuller, one of Reavis' former players.

Boys varsity head coach Tony Brooke, who helped organize the ceremony, called it an easy decision to make.

"It is for somebody who meant so much, not just to our school, but the Palmer, Wasilla community as a whole," Brooke said. "She's been a big part of every event, so many schools, so many different lives."

Reavis helped launch the girls JV program at Redington, but her presence could be felt in the other programs as well.

Delaney Reavis is not surprised.

"She just had such a big heart, she had room for everyone in it," Reavis said. "There's no one she would turn away, no matter how many times they messed around in her class, or what they said behind her back."

"It's tough, it's very tough, especially every time I walk past that trophy case and look at those pictures," Brooke said. "Man, I wish she was still here with us."

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