Billed as "Alaska's premier DJ", DJ Spencer Lee continues to live up to the hype. Lee is featured on this week's Mic Check in the Morning, set to host a Jams for Fams Neon Love Party at Beartooth Theatre Pub on Sunday. 

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The Neon Love Party is one in a series of parties produced by Lee, that creates an atmosphere where families can let loose and have a great time together.

"The genesis for (Jams for Fams) is that I'm the parent of twin boys," Lee told Daybreak. "(I said) let's figure out a way for parents and kids to do something together that's fun."

Lee grew up with a passion for music and now he's passing that love on to his children, bonding through records and dance.

"I worked at a record store when I was growing up. My Dad worked at a record store when he was a kid, so we always had a lot of vinyl records around the house. I've always loved music," he said.

Tickets for the Neon Love Party are $15 and more information is available here. If you're looking to hit the floor on Valentine's Day, check out Spenard Prom featuring DJ Spencer Lee at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub.

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