A local radio personality has been accused of strangling and injuring a woman he was dating in an assault near his East Anchorage home late last month.

Kedrick Johnson, 43, is charged with second-degree, third-degree and fourth-degree domestic-violence assault in the Jan. 28 case.

Johnson co-hosts “The Playhouse Morning Show” on Anchorage’s KFAT 92.9 on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. On Thursday evening KFAT's owner, Ohana Media Group, said Johnson had been placed on administrative leave.

"Ohana Media Group does not condone domestic violence of any kind," company officials said. "We support due process and await the results of the investigation before commenting further on this legal matter."

According to a charging document against Johnson, officers had responded to the victim on the night of Jan. 28 when she reported the assault.

Johnson’s girlfriend told police she had been leaving his Mink Street residence at about 2 p.m. that day, when another woman approached her and asked if she had been having sex with him.

When the girlfriend tried to leave, she said Johnson shoved her into her truck and caused her to hit her head. When she tried to get up, she slipped on ice and fell, before Johnson shoved her again.

“[The girlfriend] again hit her head and fell to the ground; Johnson then placed his hand on [her] neck and began to strangle her,” prosecutors wrote. “[She] said she could not breathe, was losing consciousness, and could not push Johnson away. Johnson let go of [her] when [the other woman] got into her own vehicle to leave.”

Police found several bruises on the girlfriend’s arms and knees, as well as a bruise and a scratch on the left and right sides of her neck. She also told them that “her voice was raspy, the left side of her neck was sore, and the right side of her neck felt like it had rug burn.”

“Officers said the bruising on [her] arms did not appear to be bruises from falling, but rather looked like possible thumb prints,” prosecutors wrote.

When police spoke with the other woman, she said she saw Johnson and the girlfriend fighting but didn’t see the strangulation. Johnson told police he had been in a “business relationship” with the victim.

“Johnson denied assaulting [the girlfriend] and said he was only trying to keep [the women] separate because the women were fighting,” prosecutors wrote.

Court records show that another woman had sought a domestic-violence restraining order against Johnson in 2009, which was denied when she didn’t appear at a court hearing that August.

Johnson was originally held on $1,000 bail, with a requirement for Pretrial Enforcement Division monitoring. Court records show the bail was posted the day after his Jan. 28 arraignment, with another hearing in the case held Thursday morning.

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