As Anchorage police search for two suspects involved in an arson fire that occurred Monday at Yakitori Sushi House off Tudor Road, firefighters responded early Thursday to a second suspicious fire in the same strip mall.

The Anchorage Fire Department sent crews to Noodle World just after 6 a.m. Thursday after receiving a report of smoke at the restaurant.

AFD Senior Capt. Sean Fredenhagen said it was a relatively small fire that apparently began in the restaurant's dining room. An initial 911 call included a report of someone setting the fire and then leaving the scene, and a broken front window also led responders to believe the blaze was intentionally set.

Fredenhagen said the fire was contained rather quickly and an investigation is under way.

The Noodle World restaurant is a family-run business, owned by Elizabeth Yuk and her husband Tony. He is the cook, while she waitresses. Two daughters also help at the restaurant and they have one part-time worker.

Elizabeth Yuk says someone just broke into the restaurant. She says firefighters noticed an open door on Monday morning, and went inside to air out smoke from the Yakitori fire next door. Yuk says the thief only got away with some change and her husband's cellphone.

The family does have insurance and plans to rebuild. Yuk doesn't know yet how much damage the fire caused.

"So sad," she said.

Noodle World and Yakitori Sushi House bookend the strip mall, which has a liquor store operating between the two restaurants.

APD and AFD are asking the public to reach out with any information in regards to both fires in the building. Anchorage police can be called at 311, and AFD's arson hotline is 907-267-5060.

Joe Vigil contributed information to this story.

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