Randy Lyman, Guardian Flight’s senior vice president of operations, shared an update Tuesday on the continued search for its missing medevac aircraft and the company's resumption of services in Alaska.

The medevac aircraft was carrying three people, including a pregnant nurse, when it missed its scheduled landing in Kake last week.

In an emailed statement, Lyman said the company has not stopped the search.

"As Guardian Flight phases in the resumption of services across Alaska, we wanted to provide an update on where that stands along with a report on the status of the ongoing independent search for the aircraft and crew.

We have resumed service in Anchorage (1 out of 3 Teams), Deadhorse, Dillingham, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, and Sitka. Our base locations in Kotzebue and Juneau will be evaluated sometime in the future. We will provide timely updates as these bases are considered for resumption of services. Guardian Flight recognizes that many crew members want to get back to what they love to do and that is flying those in need of medical attention. At the same time, clearly, we are giving crews the tools and all the flexibility that they need to determine whether they feel ready to fly patient transports.

Simultaneously we are proceeding with our continuing efforts to locate the aircraft and crew to return our fellow crew members to their families and loved ones. We have engaged Temsco Helicopters, Inc. in Juneau to aerially search along the coastline as weather conditions permit, and some of those flights have occurred. In addition, we have contracted with Alaska Claims Service to perform a towed-SONAR naval survey of the area that hopefully will be identified by government efforts to locate the flight data recorder (Black Box) aboard the missing aircraft.

Our whole team is grateful for the expressions of support and love that our team and the families of the missing crew have received from the Kake community and others across the state, and from all of the efforts to date in search of our missing companions. We are dedicated to bringing them home."


Guardian Flight continued the search for the missing aircraft after the Coast Guard suspended its search for the missing plane.

"Aircraft debris was located in the search area Wednesday and appears to be from the Guardian flight," Coast Guard officials wrote in an update last week. "Despite the search efforts, no other debris was located Wednesday night or Thursday."

Guardian Flight also held a series of candlelight memorials for them across the state and the western U.S. last Friday.

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