Anchorage police say one of their officers was serving an arrest warrant when he was bitten twice by a dog.

The Anchorage Police Department got word Thursday morning at 10:30 that 28-year-old Quinton Yeager was at a residence on Debarr Road, according to an email from APD spokesperson Renee Oistad. Yeager wasn't allowed to be at the residence, Oistad said, due to an unserved domestic violence protective order. The man also had a warrant out for his arrest. 

As warrant officers approached the house from both the front and back, they ordered Yeager to come out. The man instead opened a side door releasing a pair of pit bulls, Oistad wrote.

One dog ran toward an officer, who hopped over a fence to avoid the animal.

The other dog went to an officer, then lunged at him, causing him to slip on the ice. The dog bit the officer's leg as he was on the ground and once more as he was getting up. The bitten officer used pepper spray on the dog. Another officer used a Taser on the dog; stopping the animal which then walked away. 

Neighbor Eddy Cordero said Yeager purposely freed the dogs to go after the police. 

"He let the dog out because the dog wasn't out at all," Cordero said. "There was no dog out there when the cops came. And I heard the cops telling the guy, 'Don't release the dog and come out with your hands up.'" 

Police say one of Yeager's family members took control of the biting dog, then Yeager was arrested. He was being held at the Anchorage jail on Thursday and charged with third-degree assault.

The officer who was bitten was treated and released. 

The woman who owned the canines said the dog who bit the officer was taken and is quarantined at Anchorage Animal Care and Control. She was told she would have to pay a fine to get the dog back because its records weren't current. 

KTVA reached out to Anchorage Animal Care and Control about the condition of the dog but had yet to hear back Friday evening.

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