National Park Service areas across Alaska resumed regular operations on Monday after Congress passed a 3-week continuing resolution to end the partial government shutdown.

"The NPS wishes to express thanks to our local communities and partners who extended support to both parks and employees during the partial lapse in appropriations over the past 5 weeks," a release from the department stated.

National parks in Alaska were fortunate to not have impacts similar to those of similar parks in the Lower 48, officials said.

Peter Christian, with NPS, said that although all park areas were officially open during the shutdown, visitor centers and other facilities, such as bathrooms, were not.

"Due to low visitation in the winter and park remoteness, few services were disrupted and impact to park resources were minimal," the release stated.

As of Monday, all park facilities were operating with their normal winter staff. Officials said NPS Alaska employees are happy to be back at work.

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