New details have emerged in the shooting death of a teenager in Wasilla early Sunday morning. According to court documents, multiple teenagers witnessed the incident and the shooter said he doesn't remember all of the details.

The timeline

Troopers in Palmer responded to a Wasilla residence at around 2:30 a.m. after a 911 call reporting a shooting. When they arrived on scene, they found Gunnar Swan, 19, dead in the driver seat of a 2014 Jeep Patriot SUV.

A witness on the scene identified the shooter as Jordan Flowers, also 19, who was a friend of the witness and Swan's. Flowers fled the scene before troopers arrived.

At 3:20 a.m., the Wasilla Police Department notified troopers that three witnesses, teenagers ranging between the ages of 17 and 19, wanted to report information they had about the shooting.

Around 3:45 a.m., patrol troopers found Flowers as his father was picking him up only a mile away from the scene. The teen appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

At 4 a.m., Sgt. Tony Wegrzyn was briefed by patrol troopers on the shooting. In an interview with AST, the witness that met troopers on scene explained his version of what happened that morning.

A witness on scene

According to the witness, he was in the front passenger seat of the Jeep when the shooting happened. Swan was in the driver's seat and Flowers was in the back passenger seat directly behind Swan. The witness said the others were in the back seat, but he did not know who they were.

The witness told troopers that Flowers produced a handgun. It was discharged a few moments later, striking Swan in the neck.

The witness called 911 and began first aid on Swan. While the witness attempted to help Swan, Flowers and the others fled the scene. Not long after, he said Flowers returned with the pistol. The witness took it and kept it until troopers arrived.

Flowers then fled the scene a second time, the witness said. After AST arrived, the Glock semi-automatic pistol used in the shooting was recovered and seized.

Three more witnesses

In an interview with AST, the three teenagers who originally went to WPD told an investigator their version of what happened.

According to the court documents, all three admitted to being in the vehicle when Flowers shot Swan.

They told the investigator that while Flowers was seated behind Swan, he took out a semi-automatic handgun from his waistband, pointed it at Swan's neck in the space between the headrest and seat back, and fired.

The teenagers said they were afraid of Flowers shooting them too, so they ran away. Once safe, they called for a ride and went directly to WPD to report the incident.

Investigating the scene

During the scene investigation, Sgt. Wegrzyn found Swan in the driver seat with a single gunshot wound to the neck.

In the court documents, Wegrzyn said there was a "bullet defect" in the front windshield and another in the front window of the house.

The defects and Swan's body lined up with the driver's side of the vehicle, which Wegrzyn said corroborated the accounts of all four witnesses, who said the shot was fired from the back seat directly behind Swan, where Flowers was sitting.

Interviewing the suspect

Sgt. Wegrzyn interviewed Flowers at the trooper post in Palmer. The court documents state the suspect was read his Miranda rights before speaking with troopers and signed a waiver agreeing to speak on the shooting.

Flowers told Wegrzyn that he and Swan were friends and had known each other for a few years. He said he and the first witness, who called 911 and attempted first aid, were given a ride to Swan's house in Big Lake earlier in the morning or late evening on Saturday.

Flowers said he drank around three or four beers and "was about a '7' on a 1-10 scale." He, Swan and the first witness then left the house to go for a drive in Swan's Jeep. They ended up at the Wasilla residence.

Wegrzyn said Flowers couldn't remember any details about the shooting, including who was in the Jeep, who had the pistol, where anyone was seated in the Jeep or who shot Swan.

According to the court documents, Flowers said "after the gun went off" he "blacked out" for a second, hugged Swan and fled because he was scared and didn't want to get shot by the suspect.

Flowers then fled into the woods, losing both of his shoes. He told Wegrzyn that he called his girlfriend and his father multiple times to pick him up, but was only able to reach his father.

Wegrzyn said Flowers couldn't explain why he could remember key details about what happened before and after the shooting, but nothing about what happened during the shooting.

When Wegrzyn confronted Flowers about the other witnesses, he said there was a conspiracy and they were all trying to blame him.

When asked if his fingerprints or DNA would be on the handgun, Flowers told Wedgrzyn that it's his friend's gun and he handled it recently, so his prints and DNA could still be on it.

The charges

Flowers was arrested and taken to a pre-trial facility. He appeared in court in Palmer on Monday for an arraignment. 

He faces one count of manslaughter and three counts of third-degree assault. However, the prosecutor said those may change.

"We received some additional information since the affidavit was filed and it's very, very likely this is going to be going to murder from manslaughter," Richard Allen said.

A defense attorney asked the judge to reconsider.

"Mr. Flowers I believe he's just about 20 years old, there's no way he's going to be able to post that money. He's entitled to a reasonable bail. One hundred thousand dollars is not reasonable for him. He doesn't have any criminal history," the defense attorney said.

However, Judge Craig Condie didn't agree.

"Given those circumstances, I think that does strike me as a reasonable bail," he said.

Flowers' bail was set at $100,000. He is required to be under pretrial supervision and is in custody until a monitor can be issued. Flowers will be under house arrest, can't possess weapons, and cannot contact any of the victims. The judge's terms also dictated that Flowers cannot possess or consume alcohol and he will be subject to PED alcohol testing.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 7.

Heather Hintze contributed information to this report.

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