It has been awhile since Dawna Kinne-Magliacano graduated from Kenai Central High School in 1977. She thought one memory had vanished.

"I was kind of shocked, actually, I thought it was kind of long gone," Magliacano said about one of her projects, that has received new life.

Construction crews recently uncovered a mural during renovation work on the airport.

A crab that is part of the mural found at the Kenai airport. (Dave Leval/KTVA)

"The crews removed the siding that had been installed in 1983, and I immediately started getting messages, 'Hey, what is this underneath there?' Frankly no one really knew until we started digging into it," Kenai city manager Paul Ostrander said.

The mural was painted by high school students; Magliacano helped supervise the art work.

"Here was this project that we all got to collaborate on, and create, and it was important to the city. It was something that would have impact for awhile and I don't think any of us had any any idea for how long obviously," Magliacano said.

She now lives in Tennessee, and has memories of the project, especially the Russian church she helped paint.

A portion of the mural uncovered during renovations of the Kenai airport, showing a church. (Dave Leval/KTVA)

 "It was such a wonderful undertaking by our class, it was a big project for us to do," she said.

The mural had been covered up for 36 years. Those who want to see it better hurry; it won't be on display much longer. Ostrander said the mural will once again be covered by siding, because it's too expensive to remove and preserve.

"It's stucco, on the wall there. So, there's really no way of removing it," Ostrander said.

Visitors will still be able to see the mural. Ostrander said a photographer will be sent to photograph it and photos will be displayed in the renovated terminal.

That's fine with Kelsey Fitzpatrick, who came to the airport to see the mural.

"It's staying pretty preserved well already, when they need siding in a few years, we'll see it again," Fitzpatrick said.

The mural be covered by siding again by the end of the year, when renovation work is completed.

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