Police officers at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport saw a spike in drunk driving near the holidays.

"In the last 30 days we've had about 10 DUI's," said Airport Police and Fire Chief Jesse Davis.

Davis says the department sees about five DUI arrests in a typical month. Although Christmas and New Year's Eve are factors in the increase, Davis says the diligence of his staff was also a factor.

"A lot of that is just through the proactive digging by our officers," Davis said.

Citizens and airport staff have also helped keep an eye out, Davis said, by calling the department when they see something suspicious. Airport Police and Fire has also been announcing arrest tallies on its Facebook page to create awareness.

"It's our families, it's our friends that are sharing these same roadways, and we want to stop them early on and prevent that from ending in a tragedy," Davis said.

Davis says that some of the suspects were arrested coming to the airport to pick up or drop off airline passengers.

"They might have a drink before dropping their loved ones off at the airport; seeing them off, flying out of state," Davis said. "Or a lot of people on airplanes might think it's OK to drink on an airplane, not realizing they have to drive home once they land at the airport."

Two of the 10 arrests involved drivers who were under the influence of drugs, said the chief.

Airport Police and Fire officers also patrol Earthquake and Airport parks, along with Point Woronzof.

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