According to Alaska Wildlife Troopers, Wasilla residents Andrew Renner and his son, Owen, were recorded killing the bears on April 14, 2018, on Esther Island in Prince William Sound. The bears were part of a joint study by the U.S. Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and were being recorded by a motion-activated game camera.

On the recording, troopers say the two were seen coming up to the den on backcountry skis and shooting the radio-collared sow. The tape then recorded the shrieks of the cubs, and Andrew Renner killing them at point-blank range. Troopers say the Renners returned to the site after butchering the sow and collected the cub carcasses.

The pair were sentenced in District Court by Judge Pamela Washington.

In requesting sentence the prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General Aaron Peterson with the Office of Special Prosecutions, said this was the worst case of bear cub poaching his office has seen.

"The defendant, and anyone else that would pursue game in our state, should be on notice that killing a sow with cubs and then poaching the cubs to cover it up, will result in a significant jail term and loss of hunting privileges," Peterson said.

Andrew Renner was sentenced to three months in jail. He won't be allowed to hunt for 10 years; he must forfeit all the gear used on the trip including a 22-foot Sea Sport ocean boat and trailer, a 2012 GMC Sierra pickup truck, two rifles, two handguns, two iPhones, and two sets of backcountry skis and he will be fined $9,000.

Owen Renner will have to do community service, he won't be allowed to hunt for two years and must take a hunter safety course.

In addition, each man will be charged $1,800 in restitution for killing black bears.

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