On Monday night, the Anchorage School Board voted 4-2 in favor of recommended adjustments to the 2018-2019 school calendar. Due to lost days during the school year resulting from the Nov. 30 earthquake, the school board voted to make adjustments in order to keep the final day of school the same. 

"Our students lost five days on instructional days," chief academic officer Michael Graham said. "We're trying to make up some instructional time."

The big change to the calendar is that the district will do away with parent conference days initially scheduled for Feb. 20–22.

"I don't in any way discount the importance of parent-teacher conferences," Graham said. "We are not out to do away with them. We had them in the fall and we hope to have this this fall and next spring."

Half days in the district on Feb. 20–22 now become full days of school. The only day off students receive next month is Feb. 18, for Presidents Day.  

In lieu of parent-teacher conferences, principals will work with teachers on other ways to reach out to parents regarding the progress, learning and growth of their children.

Despite the lost days, ASD doesn't plan on extending the school calendar. The district's decision leaves one day off remaining to use for bad weather.

"We missed a total of five days," said Anchorage School Board president Starr Marsett. "We get two days for weather and the district will use one of them. The state education director has the power to waive three days, and we'll make up another day during parent-teacher conferences."

Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop said they are hoping to find a middle ground that works for everybody.

"The goal was to meet the parents half way," Bishop said. "I really strongly feel on this one we did our due diligence."

The revised ASD calendar still lists students' final day of school on May 22, with teachers' final day on May 23.  

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