Two Anchorage School District facilities which suffered severe damage during November’s 7.0 earthquake will spend the next school year unoccupied by students.

ASD Superintendent Deena Bishop announced in a letter to parents Tuesday that Eagle River Elementary School and Gruening Middle School “will not be available for the 2019-2020 academic year,” after a review by structural engineers.

“Of note, this announcement is specific to the coming academic year and does not infer pending decisions on the future status of those buildings or a projected timeline to complete any actions,” Bishop wrote.

Students from Eagle River and Gruening were both relocated to other schools in early December due to damage they sustained in the Nov. 30 temblor.

For the remainder of the current school year, Bishop said, Gruening students will continue to be housed at Chugiak High School.

“Feedback from staff and parents indicates that this arrangement appears to be working well and the District is fortunate that [Chugiak High] can house the [Gruening] program with limited and manageable impact,” Bishop wrote.

Bishop said the future housing of Eagle River students, currently split among Homestead and Ravenwood Elementary as well as the Birchwood ABC schools, “presents a more complex problem.”

“As summer provides for a normal and anticipated classroom transition, the District will evaluate, with the school community’s stakeholders, the benefits of keeping families together in one school or dividing students by grade levels among elementary schools as is the present case,” Bishop wrote.

Scott Gross contributed information to this story.

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