What allegedly began as a birthday celebration devolved into an altercation in a parking garage, leaving one man fighting for his life, according to court documents.

A security guard called police Friday after finding two men in a parking garage near Alaska Native Medical Center "lying in a pool of blood," according to court documents. Anchorage police reports from Friday said the initial call came in around 7 a.m.

When officers arrived, the guard led them to a stairwell, where the victim was on the ground barely moving. 

"Officers observed [the victim's] scalp was peeled back- exposing a portion of his skull," the court document states. 

Police described large amounts of blood were found in the stairwell, on the walls, railing and smear marks under the victim which, "appeared to be consistent with the dragging of his body," the document reads.

A pool of blood was found at the bottom of the stairwell, with a circle of footprints around it. Later, officers observed blood spatter patterns that indicated the victim was struck several times while bleeding and the altercation was prolonged.

“It is unknown at this time if any weapons were involved,” police wrote in a release Friday afternoon.

The victim was only able to answer basic questions from police, according to the charging document. He said he was hit in the head by one man and that the man "was happy." 

The other man, identified Friday by Anchorage police as 31-year-old Karl Lamont, was still in the building. Court documents state the police reported that Lamont was covered in blood.

"He had blood on the heels and sides of his shoes, under his fingernails, smeared on the insides of his hands, on his pants, his jacket, sweatshirt, T-shirt, and hat," the document reads.

Police noticed Lamont had a swollen cheek and fresh scratches on this left forearm and wrist, as well as a "fresh cut/mark" on his knuckle. A footprint sample confirmed the size of Lamont's shoes was consistent with the bloody footprints left at the crime scene, the court documents attest. 

Lamont told officers he and the victim had been drinking in the parking garage the previous night to celebrate his birthday. Lamont claimed he and a third man drank shots of rum, then Lamont said, he fell asleep. 

He told police he saw the victim was hurt and lying in blood, but Lamont said he thought the man was sleeping and talking in his sleep.

Emergency personnel transported the victim to the hospital, where he underwent surgery and remains in critical condition. He had several skull fractures but the full extent of his injuries had not been determined, according to the documents dated Jan. 19.

A judge on Saturday arraigned 31-year-old Karl Lamont, who now faces felony counts of first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault. Lamont is also charged with misdemeanor fourth-degree assault.

Court documents show Lamont's history of assault, domestic violence, harassment and disorderly conduct convictions dating back to 2012. Those compounded with two open cases for trespassing and theft were factors in the state's opinion that Lamont poses a danger to the community.

The judge agreed to bail conditions set by the state of $75,000 cash performance bond, with round-the-clock house arrest monitoring. Lamont was prohibited from drinking alcohol, having contact with the victim, and possessing weapons. 

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