Increasing the quantity of Alaska-based interceptor missiles is a key component of the nation's revised strategy to stop ballistic missiles launched at the U.S.

President Trump says the administration's new strategy for missile defense, announced Thursday at the Pentagon, includes more ground-based interceptors for Alaska. The comments were part of the administration’s Missile Defense Review.

Trump announced his upcoming budget proposes 20 additional ground-based interceptors are planned for Fort Greely, along with missile-detecting radar and sensors. According to Army National Guard Col. Kevin Kick, commander of the 100th Missile Defense Brigade, there are currently 44 interceptors around the country.

During his opening remarks the president acknowledged Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan, naming him among the "great champions of missile defense in Congress."

Sullivan said Thursday's announcement outlines protecting the U.S. from countries like North Korea and Iran.

“Alaska is the cornerstone of our nation’s missile defense, and as the president said in his remarks, we can do more and we must do more to keep us safe," Sullivan said in a press release.

Trump's budget also includes investing in what he called new technology, including a "space-based missile defense layer."

The added interceptors are scheduled to be installed in 2023 according to Kick.

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