The massive fire that consumed a former Midtown restaurant earlier this month does not appear to have killed anybody, after a review of the building’s remnants by the Anchorage Fire Department.

Anchorage Fire Marshal Cleo Hill said Wednesday evening that no human remains were found in the ruined structure at 4101 Credit Union Drive, which burned in a widely seen conflagration on Jan. 3.

“We can confirm it appears there was a break-in before the fire, and it appears that vagrants were inside the building,” Hill said.

Anchorage police have said the building was burglarized twice since Sea Galley's closure in October. Hill emphasized that it wasn’t clear how soon before the blaze the break-in discovered by AFD had occurred.

Firefighters aren’t yet deeming the fire suspicious despite the evidence, Hill said, because it’s not clear whether it was an act of deliberate arson.

“They might not have been meant to be inside the building, but they may not have had the intention of setting the building on fire,” Hill said.

AFD’s investigation of the fire is still in progress. Hill said the department is working with the building’s owners and their insurers.

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