An 8-year-old Juneau boy's love of football and fitness means he will help kick off Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta next month.

Seattle Seahawks fan Camdyn Clancy was named Tuesday by the National Football League as its PLAY 60 Ambassador to the game, which will be hosted at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and aired on CBS Feb. 3.

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Along with “Good Morning America’s” hosts on ABC, Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett and the team’s mascot surprised Camdyn with the honor on Tuesday morning’s show. The league says he will “deliver the game ball to the official on the field moments before the kickoff.”

“Camdyn is a third-grade student, athlete, and valued member of his community,” league officials wrote. “He encourages everyone in his neighborhood to get physically active and teaches them how to play football.”

Camdyn has played four seasons, the most recent being his first at the tackle level. He’s coming off a championship season in which he played quarterback.

“What I liked about football is how entertaining it is like when you see shanked field goals, game-winning field goals, game-winning touchdowns,” he said. “What I like about playing football is [how] fun it is. Not only trying to be a good athlete, but being a good person and that really reflects off the performance and how much people want to play.”

Brent Clancy, Camdyn’s father, said his son asks yearly if the family can attend a Super Bowl. When Camdyn heard about the competition for a kid correspondent, he made a short video required for initial consideration.

One day after school, Camdyn and his mom, Hannah, traveled to Mendenhall Glacier to make a video with her smartphone. By the time they arrived, she was down to 7 percent power, so there wasn’t too much room for error.

It was enough time for one video that explained Camdyn’s passion for the game being so strong that he would wear a head light, so he could practice in the dark as daylight hours shortened.

Camdyn was among hundreds of children nationwide who entered a contest to make the appearance in conjunction with the NFL program, which encourages kids to exercise for at least 60 minutes per day.

“Following interviews with the finalists, Camdyn was named the winner of this year's contest for his dedication to a healthy lifestyle, and passion and excitement for helping his peers to stay physically active and eat healthy,” NFL officials wrote.

Now, the young quarterback will get his wish when he visits the Georgia gridiron.

“I just want him to have fun,” Brent said. “The bottom line is this is about him. Deep down inside I’m kind of jealous because I wish it was me, but I don’t want to take anything away from him. He deserves this more than anybody I can think of.”

Camdyn’s trip to Atlanta will also include several visits to Super Bowl-themed events before and during the big game.

KTVA’s Super Bowl LIII coverage will kick off at 2 p.m. on Feb. 3.

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