An effort to put Anchorage's plastic bag ban, approved by the Anchorage Assembly last year, to a vote of the people has fallen short of the signatures required to get the issue on the April ballot.

Petition organizer David Nees had until 5 p.m. Monday to turn in 7,394 signatures of registered Anchorage voters to the city clerk.

Nees says he was at least 900 signatures short and never turned in the paperwork. He started the drive because he said Assembly members hadn't adequately listened to residents when they passed the plastic bag ban last month.

Assembly member Chris Constant denied that, however, saying the vote came after several public hearings in which there was overwhelming support. The ban is scheduled to take effect in September.

Nees said he was disappointed with the results but would now focus his efforts from voting on the ban to voting in Assembly members who share his views.

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