NFL fans headed out to the Peanut Farm Sports Bar and Grill Sunday morning to eat good food and watch playoff football. What they weren't expecting, though, was a 5.0 aftershock right before kickoff, just northwest of Anchorage.

"I was waiting for things to drop, everything's locked up, so, we didn't have to worry about bottles and stuff breaking like last time, because last time I lost a few bottles," an employee, who just identified himself as Brooks, said.

New England Patriots fans gathered to cheer on their team against the Los Angeles Chargers. Several came from their homes following the aftershock, including Charles Veloza and Gracie Rockwood.

"I held on to my dog," Rockwood said. "My dog is very, very, very skittish now since the big one."

Sunday's aftershock is the region’s latest in the wake of Nov. 30’s 7.0 earthquake. It is the seventh magnitude 5.0 or larger aftershock and the 39th 4.0 and larger.

"It felt funny 'cause it was like a vibration first and I didn't realize [what it was] and then all of a sudden it got really, really intense," Veloza said. "I had to come chase after my daughter and find out where she was. She was stuck on the couch with her eyes wide open, scared."

All that seismic activity has shaken many people, and not just physically.

"I haven't slept well since it occurred, I'm always thinking there's going to be another big one," Rockwood said.

Veloza said his young daughters have become more nervous since the November quake.

"They don't like them at all," he said. "They're very, very, very scared of them — any noise, jet goes around, she hears a jet, they're like, 'is it coming, is it coming?"

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