Muni officials this week have been continuing what many Chugiak residents consider some welcome housecleaning.

"It's been going good," said Anchorage's lead land enforcement officer, Rich Fern.

On Friday, Fern was overseeing work to remove an eyesore from the Peters Creek neighborhood along Rambler Road, a "problem property" filled with junked cars and squatters that had drawn complaints from locals for years.

"There was somebody sleeping out here in an old vehicle when we got out here this morning," Fern said.

Crews also remove seven cars and vans towed that had been dumped on the property.

"There's no place for anyone to come back and sleep here," Fern said. "It's one of the big things we found was a problem, and we wanted to eliminate."

That's just one of many problems neighbors had to deal with here. Crews started clearing the land in December, after the muni foreclosed on it. This property, and the buildings that stood on it, simply became a nuisance to neighbors and had to go.

"There's been a drug element that's been here for years, (a) theft element," Fern said.

The work has been moving along despite this week's cold temperatures. Crews have tried not to be cold-hearted to the former owners, however.

"[The owners] had the opportunity to remove anything they wanted," Fern said. "We just wanted to get an idea of what we were going to find this morning, and they hadn't really moved much at all."

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