One of the Alaska Native Medical Center's operators will pay federal employees who work at the Anchorage hospital during the partial federal government shutdown.

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium announced Friday night that it had struck an agreement with the Indian Health Service to fund “Civil Service employees and Commissioned Corps officers” assigned to its facilities, including ANMC.

Many federal employees, including air traffic controllers and Transportation Security Administration officers in Alaska, have been forced to work without pay until the shutdown prompted by a Washington, D.C. impasse over a border wall ends.

“ANTHC values the service and commitment shown by our federal employees during this trying time.  They have continued to serve our communities during a time when their pay has not been guaranteed. We embrace this opportunity to take care of our staff who we entrust with the care of our people,” Andy Teuber, ANTHC’s president and board chairman, said in a statement from the consortium.  “We look forward to a swift resolution of the federal shutdown.”

Shirley Young, a spokeswoman for the consortium, said federal employees make up about 180 of more than 3,000 people who work at ANMC. There weren’t any immediate details available on how much paying the federal employees would cost, or whether ANTHC would eventually be reimbursed for those costs.

Staff with ANMC's other operator, the Southcentral Foundation, said it plans to pay another 100 IHS employees who work at the foundation's facilities. That funding, however, was still being put into place.

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