Snow started falling across Southeast Alaska Wednesday night. Since then, many areas have picked up more than a foot of snow. For some, Thursday delivered more single-day snow than they've seen in years. 

The blanketing slowed as snow changed over to rain, due to warm air pushing into the region from the south. The warmth will continue to spread north in the coming days, which means Juneau will see a wintry mix over the weekend but not before more snow falls on the capital city. 

Since Monday, Juneau has picked up 13.3 inches of snow! While that is a lot of snow to fall in just four days, most of that fell on Thursday, giving residents something they haven't seen in years.

In many places, this was the most snow seen in a single day since November of 2015. Juneau picked up 9.7 inches of snow on Thursday, setting a new record for a snowfall on that day. The previous record was 6.1 inches back in 2009. Juneau hadn't received that much snow in one day since a 10-inch snow dump on Nov. 18, 2016.

For some, all that snow was enough to keep them out of the driver's seat!

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