Anchorage police say a male student at Chugiak High School has been arrested following a threatening post made to a social media account, according to an email Friday morning.

According to APD, they were alerted by Anchorage School District officials around 8 p.m. Thursday that the student threatened students, staff and Chugiak High School on Snapchat. Officers then contacted the student at his home where he was interviewed and arrested.

Charges were filed with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

A spokesperson for ASD said in another email Friday that Chugiak High and Gruening Middle School parents were notified of the incident at approximately 8:30 this morning, roughly 14 minutes after APD alerted the public.

KTVA recently reported on what happens to students involved in threats or acts of violence at school. After charges are forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Justice, it is ASD policy to suspend or expel the student. The length of the time away depends on what was done. 

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