The magnitude 4.7 earthquake registered Wednesday morning near Kasilof is not considered an aftershock. It occurred outside of the aftershock zone of the Nov. 30 earthquake. 

4.7 magnitude earthquake registered near Kasilof. (Photo: Alaska Earthquake Center)

According to data from the Alaska Earthquake Center, the quake occurred at 7:11 a.m. Wednesday and was 40 miles deep. It was 14 miles southeast of Kasilof, far from the aftershock zone.

The cluster of dots near anchorage is that zone. In order to be considered an aftershock, the earthquake must be a result of an initial, larger quake. This was not. 

There is no tsunami expected after the quake, which was originally registered as a magnitude 4.5, according to the National Weather Service.

Elizabeth Roman contributed to this report.

Editor's note: This story has been edited to correct the day the earthquake occurred.

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