The State of Alaska is again taking Permanent Fund dividend applications online, a week after glitches which left applicants able to see other users’ personal information caused the system to be taken down.

As of 3 p.m. Tuesday, more than 15,000 people had applied for dividends according to a counter on the Permanent Fund Dividend Division’s website.

The Department of Revenue confirmed in a statement Tuesday afternoon that the application system was reactivated Monday evening, after "software kinks" were worked out by department staff with help from Department of Administration IT personnel and outside contractors.

“We are pleased to announce the PFD application site is live and ready for Alaskans to apply,” said Revenue Commissioner Bruce Tangeman. “I apologize for the delay but am happy to report the website is open and Alaskans will find this year’s application is very easy to use.”

When the system initially opened to take applications on New Year’s Day, many people said they had seen personal data from others – including home addresses and Social Security numbers – shown within the application instead of their own.

State officials disabled the system that day with about 100 applications received, citing both those reports and slowdowns encountered by users in the system.

It wasn’t clear at the time what the cause of the error was, or how many people’s data had been compromised. Revenue officials hadn't yet answered KTVA queries on those topics Tuesday afternoon.

The state will be contacting people who were in the application system on New Year's Day, according to Tuesday's announcement. The deadline to apply for a 2019 dividend is March 31.

Shannon Ballard contributed information to this story.

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