The Seward Highway is now open northbound at the Tudor Road overpass, after the bridge was damaged by a dump truck collision the morning of Jan. 3.

Over the weekend Department of Transportation and Public Facilities crews and contractor Sandstrom & Sons worked 24 hours a day to remove a girder damaged in the bridge strike.


Drivers were encouraged to use alternative routes, according to DOTPF spokesperson Shannon McCarthy.

Kelly, Inc., the company's whose dump truck's raised bin struck the Midtown overpass, has been issued two non-criminal citations in the collision for unsafe conditions forbidden and not wearing corrective lenses, according to DOTPF.

Direct fines from the citations total $450, although DOTPF has vowed to recover as much of the ultimate repair cost as possible from the incident.

While the highway is open and safe, McCarthy says drivers need to be alert to new traffic patterns while traveling Tudor Road and that commuters driving east still won’t be able to enter the highway northbound at the overpass.


"We can take out a single girder and the bridge will remain structurally sound," Mcarthy said. "Crews have shifted traffic away from the removed girder in the meantime until it can be replaced."

The replacement girder will be manufactured locally, which will likely take two to three months according to McCarthy. The department will then hire a contractor to put the girder in place.

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