A Kodiak man was sentenced to 11 years in prison after a video recording showed him burning the face of one of his victims with a serrated knife.

According to a release from Attorney General Kevin Clarkson's office, Daniel Grosser was sentenced to 11 years, five months and 20 days in jail on Friday for two separate cases, both of which were recorded on the defendant's cell phone.

One case was related to a robbery charge, while the other was related to an indecent viewing charge.

"The video of the robbery showed Grosser heating up a serrated knife on a coil burner stove and burning the victim’s cheek with it," the release stated. "The second video showed Grosser surreptitiously filming sexual encounters with another victim."

Grosser pleaded guilty to robbery in the first degree and to indecent viewing or photography.

During the open sentencing hearing, Kodiak Judge Steve Cole  said "videos were worth more than a thousand words” and that if he were the victim he would have thought that he was about to die, the release stated.

The State presented the video evidence along with photographs of the serrated knife that Grosser used. According to the release, the court found his crime was "at the far end of the range of seriousness for robberies that could occur with a knife."

"The court heard testimony from the probation officer who provided a recitation of Grosser’s lengthy out of state history," the release stated. "In fashioning the sentence, the court chose to focus on isolation and community condemnation as the two primary sentencing goals. The court found that with the defendant’s history he was a 'poor candidate' for rehabilitation."

Grosser apologized to his victims during an opportunity to provide an elocution.

According to the release, Grosser told the court he was "repulsed" with himself while listening to the videos. He said he was disgusted and shouldn't have been doing drugs, especially methamphetamine.

Grosser told the court he has "great shame" and "deep remorse" for what he did to the victims, the release stated.

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