There aren't any problems for drivers heading south on the Seward Highway at Tudor Road, but it's a much different story on the northbound side.

The road remains closed after a dump truck crashed into the overpass during the early morning hours of Jan. 3. Alaska Department of Transportation spokesperson Shannon McCarthy says construction crews need the room to work.

"This is just to remove the damaged girder so that we don't have chunks of concrete falling on the traffic," she said.

Traffic remains busy along the Tudor Road exit. Many drivers use it to continue onto northbound Seward Highway, but McCarthy suggests drivers look for alternate routes.

"If drivers continue past Dowling [Road] and think they can just take the Tudor exit, that Tudor off-ramp, it's too late for them, once they've seen the congestion they're going to be dealing with, it's too late for them to choose another path," she said.

It will take several months to repair all of the damage, but McCarthy says the closure could only last a few more days.

For now, commuters can still drive eastbound on Tudor, but only in one lane. Turning left onto Seward won't be possible until all of the repair work is finished.

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