It's shopping day for Lucy O'Hara and she finds plenty of items to help her third-grade students study.

The earthquake forced her to abandon most of the supplies in her Eagle River Elementary School classroom. She and the rest of the school moved over to Homestead Elementary School.

"Moving out of school was pretty emotional and some of us were not able to grab what we need," O'Hara said.

She is among the teachers who shopped for free school supplies at Eagle River's Community Covenant Church. Elaine Daw organized the event.

"Having retired from Eagle River Elementary, my heart still belongs to the school, and I started asking other teachers what can we do to help them," Daw said.

"As teachers, we are always spending money out of our own pocket, so it's really nice to have some of these supplies available to us," O'Hara said.

It's not just supplies people donated. Mike Davidson gave $5,000 to the school, even after his own business — the local McDonald's franchise — was shut down due to quake damage.

"The community has supported us out here for decades in Eagle River. When I was told they needed a little help, I was glad to help," Davidson said.

For supply event organizer Daw, she was happy to see so many in the community rally together to support educators.

"I am overwhelmed, and humbled by the generosity of Alaskans, and how they reach out, even when they are hurting," Daw said.

Yet, for teachers like Lucy O'Hara, the generosity of Davidson and others gives them less to worry while they help students learn.

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