For a second year, the Anchorage Cops for Community nonprofit has created its "Behind the Badge" calendar showcasing Anchorage police officers. Its 2019 calendar has a specific focus: women on the force. 

One of the 12 women featured in the calendar is Angelina Fraize, a senior patrol officer, who says these pictures are breaking barriers.

"I think about [the calendar] featuring women, it really tells young people — particularly young girls — that this job is an option for them," Fraize said. "I think there's a lot of women and young girls who've never thought about being police officers."

According to the Anchorage Police Department, just 169 of the 573 APD employees are female.

On Jan. 4, officers signed calendars at a coffee shop downtown for First Friday, while talking to kids and getting to know members of the community.

In the calendar, each woman wrote a brief bio detailing what they do in and out of the uniform.

"Behind the Badge, I think that's the whole point, is really showing the community that we're not just police officers," Fraize said. "So whether it's men or women in the calendar, you know, they're just humans. They're moms and dads, aunts, uncles, fishermen and guitar players, and singers and all kinds of fun things. It's fun to show that side of us to the community."

Some enjoy figure skating, others prefer riding motorcycles or snowmachines.

Detective Michele Logan has been with the department for 25 years. She’s featured in the calendar this year playing the guitar. 

"[People] think we're all militaristic and we don't really let our hair down and go out and do fun things, when that's not the case," Logan said. "We love to go enjoy the outdoors here in Alaska and also to do other hobbies and crafts."

Anchorage Cops for Community is selling the calendars for $10. Profits fund social programs like the organization’s Angel Tree Project, Clothesline Program and monthly Coffee with a Cop events. Calendars can be ordered online or purchased in stores around Anchorage.

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