In the wake of this winter's massive 7.0 earthquake, there are many easy ways Alaskans can do to secure their homes and possessions before another quake or large aftershock.

Jeremy Zidek, a spokesman for the state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, offered KTVA a look at how he's prepared his own home for Alaska's next earthquake.

One way to do so is to prevent falling objects, which are the No. 1 cause of injuries during U.S. earthquakes.

"There are many different devices you can use to do some non-structural seismic mitigation in your home," Zidek said. "What this means is you are just fastening down your items."

Dressers, bookshelves and TV stands can be secured by attaching them to wall studs using 1 to 2-inch screws.

"You just want to make sure everything is secure," Zidek said. "You don't want anything falling and making (a) big mess."

In the kitchen, adding door restraints can keep flatware and cups from falling far enough to shatter.

"Installing cupboard clips prevents your glasses and dishes from spilling all over," Zidek said. "Besides the mess it makes, glass shards can cause injuries when cleaning up or even trying to get out of the house."

Museum wax can also be used to keeping knick-knacks and trinkets from sliding off of tables and shelves. 

"It took just a very small amount of time," he said. "You can do most of your home and it only cost $10."

Valuable family photos or framed art can be secured with Velcro strips or a locking picture hanger.

"The string or wire on the back of the frame just gets clipped on," Zidek said. "The clip gets nailed into a stud and the picture is safe."

It's also important to strap down televisions, secure refrigerators and tie down water heaters.

"A little bit of time and money can save you a lot of heartache," Zidek said. "Taking the time to do this now can really save you when it happens again."

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