After a woman's carport collapsed on New Year's Eve, her neighbors jumped in to help her replace it.

"Went back to check the mail, walked into the house, and heard a big crash," Mindy Richardson, of Beaver Place, said. "Next thing I know, my carport is on the ground, just where I was checking my mail just a few minutes prior."

Richardson blames the Nov. 30 earthquake for the collapse. She said it's the first year she didn't purchase insurance for her home.

Knowing Richardson couldn't take on the work herself due to ongoing health issues that prevent her from working, her neighbors decided to step in and help.

"I got a phone call this morning at 10:30 saying 'are you ready to do this,' I said 'do what,'" Richardson said. "They said 'we're going to tear down your carport, and get it fixed up, and make it all better' and I said okay let's do this.'"

Jeanna Duryee, one of Richardson's neighbors, organized the relief effort. She said she hopes someone would do the same for her if she was in the same situation.

"You don't see this very often," Richardson said. "This is what true Alaskans do, they take care of each other."

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