Anchorage assistance group Standing Together Against Rape released a review of its 2018 fiscal year Friday, showing an ongoing rise in crisis calls.

STAR served about 1,273 men, women, and children directly affected by sexual assault and child sexual abuse during the fiscal year which ended June 30, an increase of 92 clients from the previous fiscal year.

The report also says STAR received 2,390 calls on its 24-hour crisis line, a 400-call spike from the previous fiscal year. The findings are in line with STAR's summer call volume, when the group saw a 20 percent increase in crisis line calls.

STAR's development manager, Jennifer Brown, said in an email that the trend is continuing into this fiscal year.

"We suspect this is because more people are coming forward about their abuse, or calling for guidance on what to do to help a friend or a family member, due to how much sexual assault has been in the media over the last year," Brown said.

STAR's crisis line is at 1-800-478-8999.

During the same period of time, STAR responded to:

• 251 SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) callouts
• 306 people supported at SART callouts
• 300 CARES (Child Abuse Response & Evaluation Services) appointments
• 682 children and families supported at CARES appointments
• 174 new clients from walk-ins at STAR office (not supported at SART or CARES)
• 401 one-on-one in-office sessions
• 47 new clients from law enforcement interviews, Glass wiretaps, court proceedings and hospital response (not originally seen by an advocate at SART, CARES or in office)
• 64 walk-ins at the STAR office on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus
• 303 educational Opportunities to 8,848 students and community members provided by STAR's Prevention & Education Team

According to STAR, about 59 percent of adult women in Alaska have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual violence or both in their lifetimes. Nearly 12 percent have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual violence or both in the past year.

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