People who didn't get what they wanted for the holidays don't have to worry. They're not alone; the day after Christmas is said to be one of the busiest shopping days for retailers.

Hundreds of Alaskans hit the 5th Avenue Mall to shop, return and exchanges item, and purchase little extra gifts for themselves.

Wednesday shoppers waded through the crowds with arms full of bags going in and out of stores.
For many, they came home with coats, pants, athletic gear or makeup.

Other shoppers said they were looking to use extra cash they got over the holidays and said this is the best time to shop to get the good deals.

Ashlee Schneider, director of marketing and business development for the 5th Avenue Mall, said they've seen a big turnout for holiday shoppers this season and even more after Christmas.
"We've had a great turnout today and we're expecting traffic to build throughout the week," Schneider said. "I would say this has been an increase over last year, which is always good to see."

The day is also a popular because people still have time off work and the mall has extended hours.

According to Consumer Reports, Dec. 26 and 27 are the busiest days for exchanges and returns, but the amount of traffic isn't scaring shoppers away this year.

The National Retail Federation says 20 percent of buyers are already back in the stores returning gifts, and even more are searching for post-Christmas sales. Twenty-seven percent will also use gift cards they received.

It's expected Americans will return nearly $90 billion dollars worth of gifts over the holidays this year. Experts say online retailers also expect a rush of returns; some are even offering free returns. 

There are a few things to keep in mind before making those returns:

• Make sure the packaging is still in intact.
• Don't forget to bring your gift receipt.
• Be sure to check the store's return policy.

Whether shoppers were going home with one bag or several, one thing is clear: the holiday shopping season is far from over. 

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