Every gift, every Costco trip, every bottle of wine - it all adds up to a lot of trash. If you don't make recycling a part of your normal routine, the holidays might be a good time to start. Your trash and recycling bins are probably overflowing anyway.

At the Anchorage Recycling Center, you have a variety of recycling options. You can feel better about disposing your glass, plastic bags and even broken Christmas lights here, knowing that they will be made into new products and saved from the landfill.

Is your Christmas tree getting dry? While it might be exciting to burn it outside in a blaze of glory, it's probably safer and better for the environment to recycle that too. Just bring it to any Carrs Safeway store parking lot from Friday through Jan. 15 and look for disposal signs. Make sure you've got all your decorations off of it.

Your tree will be ground into wood chips and given to nonprofits. It's the gift that keeps giving.

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